Sweet Cakes and Milkshakes

28 January 1991
The Indie Scrapbook aka my iconjournal
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..., 88, arctic monkeys, art, books, coldplay, death cab for cutie, demien rice, die Ärzte, fettes brot, franz ferdinand, friends, garden state, hiking, icons......, indie movies, indie music, jack johnson, jeff buckley, jem, jet, johnny cash, juliette and the licks, kaiser chiefs, lost, moulin rouge!, mountains, patrick wolf, photography, powder skiing, regina spektor, simon and garfunkel, surfing, tea, tegan and sara, the beatles, the coral, the doors, the killers, the kooks, the libertines, the long blondes, the paddingtons, the shins, the strokes, the subways, the walkmen, transplants, traveling, white hot chocolate, writing
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The Dreamer.
Aloha. This is Peteto's journal, but who the f*ck is Peteto,anyway? Well it's me, the girl who 53days of the year (at least) skies the powder in the mountains, always separates the Oreo cookies and eats the cream first. The girl who eats, walks, talks and dreams of snow, who loves tea mugs and who counts every sunrise and every sunset she'd seen! Other then that i am just your normal high school girl, who loves her iPod and her LOST episodes, tries to be an straight A student and occasionally gets her room cleaned!
arctic monkeys. the libertines. the strokes. the shins. peaches. iggy pop. seeed. the subways. patrick wolf. the killers. sufjan stevens. and many more.
Garden State. Moulin Rouge. Trainspotting. Star Wars. Love Actually. Elephant. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Forrest Gump. Closer. Pirates of the Caribbean. and many more.
Books. (Why don't people list books)
Forrest Gump. On the road. Walk two moons. Yes, the Harry Potter books. Five Quarters of the Orange. The Hobbit or There and Back Again.
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